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About Us

The Florida Education Foundation is a not for profit corporation incorporated under the provisions of Chapter 617, Florida Statutes, and approved by the Florida Department of State, and is a Department of Education direct-support organization, as defined under Florida Statutes, Section 1001.24(1), whose purpose is to lead in education enhancements statewide.

The primary purpose of the Foundation is to encourage collaboration among parents, business people, community members and Florida's public schools to improve student performance.  The Foundation serves as the catalyst that promotes excellence in education for Florida's public prekindergarten through twelfth grade students by fostering the development of community and private sector resources. 

The Foundation is dedicated to leading and/or being a partner in several statewide initiatives, including Macy's Florida Teacher of the Year, Sunshine State Scholars, the Commissioner's Business Recognition Awards, the Lavan Dukes Data Leader of the Year program, the Commissioner's Summit for Principals, and others. 

The Foundation also serves as fiscal agent for several statewide grants, including

  • AT&T Career & Technical Training
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Florida District Charter Compact Collaboration
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Teacher Engagement Project for Professional Development
  • State Farm Struggling Student Research Initiative
  • State Farm Commissioner's Leadership Academy

The Foundation is led by an nine-member Board of Directors appointed by the Commissioner of Education. 

Staff members include an Executive Director and an Operations Manager.