The Florida Legislature established the Florida Education Foundation as a direct support organization to the Florida Department of Education in 1984. The Foundation was created to manage external resources for the benefit of pre-kindergarten to 12th grade education. The Foundation’s endowment was established with a generous gift from Mary Murdock in 2012.

In 2015, the Board took note of foundation and state educational organizational models, and launched a strategic planning process to determine areas where a private sector foundation might serve as a change agent for improved educational outcomes. That process launched the three major areas of work that currently define the Foundation’s efforts: Strengthening systems for standards and accountability, closing achievement gaps, and improving outcomes in early grades reading.


As a valued partner in public education and a direct support organization for the Florida Department of Education, the Florida Education Foundation invests in high achievement for every student to contribute to Florida’s globally competitive workforce.


Every student graduates from high school ready for post-secondary education and a career.


The Florida Education Foundation supports the Florida Department of Education and highest student achievement for all Florida students through:

  1. Recognizing and supporting the development of teachers, learners and leaders.

  2. Telling the story of Florida’s education progress in preparing students for lifelong success.

  3. Raising and managing financial resources to improve Florida’s outcomes.


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