Band, music appreciation and music history are just a few of the electives offered to students in Florida’s school system. Did you know these musical programs have many educational benefits that we may overlook when selecting these classes? Check out a few of these benefits below!

Creates a Cooperative Learning Environment

Music programs such as band, choir, and music appreciation can promote team work and cohesiveness, keeping students of all ages actively engaged in the lesson by encouraging them to work with their peers and incorporate the ideas of everyone around them.

Teaches Discipline

Music is a great way to help students learn to follow directions. Although creative, music takes a lot of learning and discipline – whether that be from following musical notes or following a conductor.

Creates a Sense of Achievement

Once a student conquers a new song, a new instrument, or a new understanding of music, they are motivated to tackle lots of others tasks as well; both inside and outside of school.

Helps Stimulate the Brain

Music stimulates the parts of the brain that are associated with language development and logical reasoning. This can be crucial in a school environment because it allows students to sort through their thoughts in subjects other than music.


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