In honor of Music in Our Schools Month, we thought we’d share a few ideas of how educators could incorporate some melodies in their classroom to create a fun and sometimes calming, learning environment. 

Musical Brain Breaks

Staying focused on one thing can be a struggle, especially for younger students. Try taking a few minutes out of the period to play a catchy tune to regain your pupils’ attention. You may find these small breaks can increase their productivity and help develop creativity and social skills.

Quick Tip: At the beginning of the class period, have each student write a song suggestion on a slip of paper and drop it in a bucket!

Welcome Music

Have music playing as your students enter the classroom. This can provide a welcoming environment that grabs the attention of each student that walks in. 

Transition Music

You can try playing a short song while your students put away the materials from one subject’s activity and gather their materials for the next activity. This works for younger students in classrooms where multiple subjects are taught in one room. 

Writing Music

For teachers that have times set aside for students to write in journals or practice writing essays, this is a great opportunity to play calming music such as smooth jazz or classical music. This can help students get in the right mindset and concentrate on their writing. 

Learning New Content

Do you remember Schoolhouse Rock or that your knee bones is connected to your thigh bone? Connecting new content to music can help your students memorize what they are learning in a fun way. Try thinking of a popular song and make up lyrics that go along with your lesson. 

Quick Tip: Playing a song while learning new material allows students to associate that content with that song. When the song is heard again, they have a better chance of remembering what they learned.


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