The LUNCHBOX, that is. 

Preparing lunch for your student to take to school every day may not sound like an easy task. There is a lot of planning behind it and there’s no guarantee your child will eat everything you put inside. No need to worry. You can turn ordinary meal planning into a fun activity that involves the whole family!

Find out what your child likes to eat. Try taking your child to the grocery store with your and letting them pick out some of their favorites. Learning what types of food your child likes to eat will ensure they are eating what you send them off to school with. This will also help cut down on potential waste if your child decides they don’t like what was prepared. If they are picking out items that may be on the unhealthy side, try suggesting a healthier alternative like popcorn instead of potato chips.

Incorporate learning! As you’re walking through the grocery store, try engaging in mini math moments. For younger children, you can ask, “How many apples will you need if you take one apple to school each day this week?” For students in higher grades, this is the perfect time to practice good money spending habits.

Let them lend a helping hand! When it’s time to prep the meals for the week, create a lunch packing station and allow your child to do some of the easier jobs alongside you. Something as simple as squeezing salad dressing into tiny containers creates a great bonding experience and gives your child a sense of responsibility.


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