Music & Mathematics: How Do They Relate?

Though it may seem like they are on two, opposite ends of the spectrum, music and math have a bond that is often overlooked. Whether we realize it or not, all music involves math in some way!

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Benefits to Music in Our Schools

Band, music appreciation and music history are just a few of the electives offered to students in Florida’s school system. Did you know these musical programs have many educational benefits that we may overlook when selecting these classes?

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Financial Aid Types

Last week, we discussed a few financial aid dos and don’ts to consider before you get to college. The first thing we mentioned was “do your research” to find out what types of financial aid is available to you. If you did your homework, GREAT! If not, it’s cool. We have you covered. We did all the research to provide you with the more common financial aid types and how they are different from one another.

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Financial Aid Dos and Don’ts

Thinking about college can be a stressful time for any high school senior. They have so much to worry about like test scores, community service hours and acceptance letters. What’s even more stressful? The financial aid process! There’s a lot to remember when preparing to pay for school so we created a list of financial aid dos and don’ts to help take some of the weight off.

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Writing and Drawing Help Toddlers Become Readers

Writing and drawing without help are important early reading skills. Children as young as 3 can tell the difference between pictures and words, and will try to write words and draw pictures. When a 3-year-old makes circles and lines and says, “This is Mommy and Daddy,” he understands the shapes represent people. When he sees the word “mommy” and is told the word says “mommy,” he will start to understand that squiggles stand for words or names.

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