The Commissioner’s Recognition Awards (CRA) expanded in 2022 by adding additional categories to recognize Florida school districts and business partners who have shown an endless amount of commitment to students by bringing positive change and implementing bold, innovative approaches to improve the academic performance of students in Florida’s education system and communities. This program serves to highlight educational connections that forge strong community and family involvement in Florida school districts and promote student success.  

Award descriptions are below:

Commissioner's Business Recognition Awards

The goal of the Commissioner's Business Recognition Award is to recognize Florida's business leaders and partners that have shown the most commitment in bringing positive change and implementing bold, innovative approaches to improve the academic performance of students in Florida's education system and communities. These educational connections help Florida school districts gain a competitive edge in providing enhanced services to the students they serve. Each school district is encouraged to nominate a worthy business that provides educational support in areas of civics, literacy, career & technical education, school safety, STEM/STEAM education, college readiness and family involvement to students and educators within their community.

Family & Community Involvement Awards

A nomination for the Family & Community Involvement Awards should reflect innovative practices in the recruitment, training and recognition of parents, family members and community groups, resulting in increased engagement with a school. Schools are encouraged to provide a narrative on programs on their campus that include, but are not limited to, strategies that address the following:

• Removing barriers between school and family;
• Enhancing parenting skills;
• Improving student learning and academic success;
• Facilitating better communication between stakeholders;
• Promoting volunteerism;
• Providing training at school or at home;
• Fostering better decision making; and
• Strengthening collaboration within community

Outstanding School Volunteer Awards

A nomination for the Outstanding School Volunteer Awards should reflect youth (20 years and younger), adult (21-61 years old) and senior (62 years or older) volunteers with outstanding dedication to quality education based on character of service, type of volunteer contribution, number of years volunteering and breadth of service. The narrative section must align with the following guidelines:

• Only volunteer services performed inside the school environment will be considered.
• Describe the services of nominee rather than solely personality characteristics.
• Describe direct or indirect links between services provided and academic achievement.
• Please include quantitative, measurable evidence of volunteer's contributions and the impact on student success. ( e.g., "Ms. Smith worked with 135 high school math students, created a new Math Lab program supporting 4 teachers, and contributed to a 35% increase in math achievement as evidenced by assessments during a 4 month period." e.g., "Mr. Johnson provided reading and behavior coaching for 53 K-3 students resulting in a 44% increase in sight word recognition, improved reading fluency, and a 26% reduction in behavior incidents in the 2nd 9-weeks.")

The 2023 application window will open in Spring 2023.

How to Apply

Districts/Schools may submit applications to all three awards if nominees meet the specified criteria. Applications for each award are reviewed and selected separately.

Upon submitting your applications, please complete the  and provide the contact information of the person from your district who will be coordinating all communication with your honorees.

Thank you to our program sponsors.

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