Higher Education

The question shouldn’t be if your student will continue with school or career training after high school. The questions should be what they pursue and how they pursue it.

Increasingly, jobs in our economy require training and education beyond high school. There is tremendous competition for jobs available with just a high school diploma, and unemployment for people without training is significantly higher than it is for people with college degrees and industry certifications.

Florida offers many options and a place for all students in college and career training. The resources here should help you sort it out and connect you with other resources that will help you help your graduate.  One of the best websites for your soon-to-be Florida high school graduate is FloridaShines.org. From career assessments for selecting a major or career program to admissions support and services to Florida's institutions of higher learning, FloridaShines.org is our state's hub for your student's transition into higher education.


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