FloridaStudentsAchieve.org Launches to Empower Parents to Lead in Education

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In a job world that continues to value higher standards and improving student outcomes, the Florida Education Foundation recently partnered with the Florida Department of Education to launch a new parent-centric website, FloridaStudentsAchieve.org.

The goal of the site is to empower parents and people serving in parental roles to be leaders of education in their homes and in their classrooms. It provides resources to help parent make decisions about the best schools for their students including information on school grades, the performance of students in academic disciplines at each school, and each school’s success in producing “learning gains” with its students.
As more data becomes available, the site will eventually show a three year trend of each school’s performance.
Additionally the site provides detailed information on the Florida Standards. This enables parents to better understand what is happening instructionally in their students’ classrooms and provides a framework for discussing student achievement with teachers.

The site also provides information to help parents sort out the differences between all of Florida’s educational options including traditional district run public schools, charter schools, virtual education and much more.
Information is added to the site almost on a weekly basis. Parents wishing to keep up with the tools and tips provide can subscribe to online content updates.


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