What’s on Your Plate?

What’s on your plate during that meal is almost as important as the people you are sharing it with.

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Benefits of Breakfast

Think quickly – what did you have for breakfast this morning? If you said nothing, it could be the reason for the “two o’clock feeling” you’re going to experience in a little while and it’s not even noon.

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Music in Our Classrooms!

In honor of Music in Our Schools Month, we thought we’d share a few ideas of how educators could incorporate some melodies in their classroom to create a fun and sometimes calming, learning environment.

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Music & Mathematics: How Do They Relate?

Though it may seem like they are on two, opposite ends of the spectrum, music and math have a bond that is often overlooked. Whether we realize it or not, all music involves math in some way!

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Benefits to Music in Our Schools

Band, music appreciation and music history are just a few of the electives offered to students in Florida’s school system. Did you know these musical programs have many educational benefits that we may overlook when selecting these classes?

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